Setting up the Open in > DPM(V5) Command in Process Engineer (DPE)

DPE (Process Engineer) has a function that will allow you to open a Process or Operation directly in DPM.


There are a couple of things that more than likely will need to be set up in order for this to work.


1.  In DPE look under Tools > Settings > Change…




2. On the “Other DS Software Modules” screen you need to set the V5 (Name and Path) setting. Set it to the following then Apply and OK the change:

  • Ø C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17\win_b64\code\command\DNBPPRHUBTOV5.bat

(Note: The location will vary depending on your particular installation. You can browse for the file in windows explorer to verify the location.)




3.  Open up a windows explorer window and browse to the “C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B17\win_b64\code\command” folder (may be different on your install).


4.  In this folder you should have the file “DNBPPRHUBTOV5.bat”. If it’s not there don’t worry you can create it.


5.  Edit this file (or create a new one) in Notepad or WordPad. You will need to set it up similar to the following illustration. (Note: The file paths that you will use will be dependent on your install location.)




Note: The location of DNBIPDirectLaunch.exe in the above figure is dependent on your install of DELMIA. You can use the above as a guide.




Now when you use the Open in > DPM(V5) Command it will launch the process or operation in DPM V5.

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