Using Search Command to Hide or Show Multiple Items in Delmia V5

Delmia has a search command that will allow you to search and select multiple items. This can be extremely useful for hiding and showing lots of items at once. In the following example we’ll use the command to hide all the planes in a specific product.

 – When you translate an assembly from Pro/E into Delmia the resulting product may have all the planes for the individual parts showing. In most cases you will need to hide all of these planes.

  1) Click on Edit -> Search

 This will bring up the Search dialog box.


2) In the “Name:” field type *plane


3) Click the binoculars without the arrow to search.

 This will find all the planes in all levels of the product.


4) Now click the select button at the bottom. This will highlight all the planes.

 5) Next, click the View -> Hide/Show -> Hide/Show command.

 This will hide all the planes. You can close the “Search” dialog.


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